DES MOINES, Iowa — The City of Des Moines recently rezoned a 50-acre area north of Copper Creek Lake into parks lands. Now, Polk County Conservation is figuring out what to turn it into.

One idea that has gathered support is turning the land into a mountain bike park. The metro has many bike trails but not much in terms of mountain biking.

However, not everyone is excited about the potential mountain bike park. Residents that live near the parkland are concerned about privacy and noise from the potential mountain bike park.

Jessica Lown, the Community Outreach Supervisor for Polk County Conservation, said that the county’s job is to listen to the community and adjust their plans with the park to accommodate everyone’s concerns.

“I think as a government organization we always work really hard to listen first that is certainly my priority,” Lown said. “I have attended all of the public meetings. We have held six or seven or so of those and listening is the most important thing. We need to know and hear what the community is saying and what they want and then move forward understanding what the concerns are.”

Jeremy Wofford is a personal trainer and bicycle advocate. Wofford spoke at a recent city council meeting in favor of the mountain bike park. Wofford said that the park will keep money in the metro.

“We are all avid cyclists, we will spend thousands of dollars to travel,” Wofford said. “We have a Mercedes sprinter van we do all that stuff and seek out those places to ride. That money stays in the community and people come here to spend that money instead it really will help the city.”

Wofford also said that Des Moines is a well-connected city with bike trails and that a mountain bike park would add even more for cycling enthusiasts.

“Especially for us having a seven and five year-old that’s our family fun so having that be in a community where it’s so tight-knit, logistically tight, you can ride there even though that’s over northeast from where we are, it won’t take more than an hour to ride there so it’s very possible to get to all these places,” Wofford said.

To learn more about the mountain bike park project at Copper Creek, visit Polk County’s website.