DES MOINES, Iowa – A Des Moines woman is facing charges after police say she shot the father of her eight-month-old baby last week, while the child was just feet away.

Zakiya Muhammad, 25, is charged with willful injury-causing serious injury, domestic abuse assault with a weapon, and child endangerment. According to online court records, she and the father of her child, Eric Ridgner, had been arguing for hours at their residence in the 900 block of Kenyon Avenue when the incident happened.

Both parties admitted to pushing and hitting each other during the argument, the criminal complaint said. At one point, Ridgner poured a cup of water on Muhammad while in the bedroom and she grabbed her gun from a shelf, chambered a bullet, and fired a shot in his direction.

The complaint said the bullet went through Ridgner’s right arm and right leg, causing serious injuries. The couple’s baby was in the same room at the time of the shooting, just a few feet away laying on the bed.

Muhammad told investigators she wasn’t trying to kill Ridgner she just wanted him to leave her alone. She said the shot was a “warning shot.”

Muhammad is free on bond and her preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for September 23rd.

Ridgner has not been charged for his actions during the argument but is facing a charge for possession of a controlled substance. Police say they didn’t know if he was armed as well and while patting him down in the ambulance before transporting him to the hospital, a small bag of marijuana was found in his right pocket.