DES MOINES, Iowa — The snow has thawed and the weather is warming up, which means one of Des Moines’ most transformative reconstruction projects is back on again.

Crews are now building the Ingersoll Avenue Streetscape between Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway and 28th Street, which will widen the sidewalk while adding a bike lane and benches. The construction on the south side of the road mirrors the transformation on its north side, which was revamped last year.

The road work has created a dirt barrier between Ingersoll Avenue and some businesses. That includes Zora Bar & Rooftop, which just opened on the corner of Ingersoll and MLK Parkway last year.

“People think that we’re closed, and we’re already struggling as it is,” said Zora general manager Jose Aquino. “When we’re slow during the winter, there’s really no construction, but when we’re ready to take off, that’s when construction happens. I get it, it’s perfect weather for them to work, but unfortunately, it’s a really sucky situation for us.”

The construction also affects the ZZZ Record Store further down the block. Owner Nate Niceswanger said the work intensified right before Record Store Day, which is his busiest day of the year.

“Before, there might have been people who come down Ingersoll and say, ‘Hey, there’s a parking spot right in front of the record store, let’s stop for five minutes and look around,'” Niceswanger said. “Right now, that is not going to happen.”

While Niceswanger has not made any adjustments to his business with the construction going on, Aquino said the slow start to the spring has caused Zora to make some changes.

“We’re cutting back hours, which is unfortunate,” Aquino said. “It affects servers, cooks, bartenders. Sometimes our bartenders have to be servers-slash-bartenders.”

The Ingersoll Avenue Streetscape site estimates work may not finish until November, but Aquino and Niceswanger are both looking on the bright side of this scenario.

“All change is good, it’s just a struggle getting there sometimes,” Aquino said.

“If we’re going to have one painful summer and hopefully get back to normal soon, then I’m good with it,” Niceswanger said. “It could be worse, I could be on Fleur Drive.”