DES MOINES, Iowa — Parents all around the metro are seeking out tutoring services for their children. The pandemic left many kids missing learning goals, something parents hope summer tutoring help will make up for.

Megan Schmelzer is the Owner of The Little White Schoolhouse, a tutoring company in Ankeny. She said that they have seen an increase in children needing help.

“By far the trend is lower elementary reading and math is significantly lower, and upper level math is really a large trend we’re seeing high schoolers, especially struggling in the areas of math,” Schmelzer said. “So when you think about these kids and they’ve missed a year or two due to the pandemic academics didn’t pause for that.”

Schmelzer has also seen many teachers interested in tutoring as it offers a break from pandemic classroom burnout as well as flexible hours.

“What I have had my teachers and staff tell me over and over is this is refreshing like this is bringing the joy back to teaching this is where we get to sit down one on one and 100% do what’s right for the kid,” Schmelzer said.

One way for parents to find tutoring services is to reach out to the school their child attends. Many schools have tutoring resources on their websites.