DES MOINES, Iowa — The Des Moines skywalks have kept Iowans safe from the weather for more than forty years. A new addition aims to keep pedestrians safe from any possible dangers inside of the pedways.

The Greater Des Moines Partnership recently installed more than twenty surveillance cameras throughout the skywalk system. The partnership had planned to install the cameras early 2020, when both the Polk County Board of Supervisors and Des Moines City Council awarded $25,000 grants for a new security system.

The push for new surveillance intensified after a couple was beaten in the skywalk near the Wellmark YMCA in October 2019.

“The installation of cameras on Court Avenue has made a great difference in the safety of the Court Avenue district,” said then-Greater Des Moines Partnership president Eugene Meyer in February 2020. “We’re confident that will also occur in the skywalk.”

Fort Dodge residents Becky and Tim Berger often use the skywalks when attending their childrens’ swim meets at the Wellmark YMCA. They welcome the new cameras and the safety they could provide.

“It’s the world we live in today,” said Tim Berger, who is also training to serve as a TSA agent at the Des Moines International Airport. “It’s probably a big benefit for a lot of people. It puts them at ease since there’s a lot more security. It gives them peace of mind.”