DES MOINES – The Des Moines metro has over 20 breweries and there are more on their way. Big Iowa names like Big Grove, SingleSpeed, and Toppling Goliath breweries have plans to open up locations in the downtown area and that means more competition for existing breweries.

However, more competition isn’t a bad thing when it comes to the local craft beer community according to Tyler Seher with Peace Tree Brewing Co.

“You know chances are if you go to SingleSpeed and try a beer there that you like 20 bucks says eventually you’ll try a Peace Tree Beer,” Seher said.

SingleSpeed Brewing Company currently has plans to open a taproom near Peace Tree in East Village. The way Seher sees it, this just brings more traffic to both breweries.

More Breweries also means Des Moines is becoming a destination city for beer tourism.

“Des Moines is 100 percent the destination beer city in Iowa. I mean nobody else is even going to come close to that and honestly in the region in general., RJ Tursi, the CEO and Founder of Exile Brewing Company, said. “I don’t know what other city is going to have the type of beer market Des Moines just has the variety of breweries and then the quality of beer being produced here it’ll be one of the best beer cities in the Midwest no doubt.”

With the population of the metro expanding demand is set to keep up with the addition of more places to enjoy local craft beer.