DES MOINES, Iowa — This upcoming Tuesday is Election Day, with voters going to precincts to decide school and city elections.

In Des Moines, residents of Ward 4 will have three candidates to choose between: incumbent Joe Gatto, Justin Torres and Jason Bennell. Benell talked with WHO 13 News to outline his plans if he wins office.

Benell said a lot of concerns people are sharing is the lack of development in the area year round. Benell mentioned the Iowa State Fair and RAGBRAI as two important events that draw dollars, but the support lacks during other times of the year.

Benell also talked about running against an incumbent and what voters were saying about their elected representative.

“So if we’re talking specifically about the incumbent, the number one thing I hear is that they don’t see him, they haven’t heard nor seen the incumbent,” said Benell. “I’m the first person who has knocked on their door for any kind of local race in any capacity in almost 10 years for a lot of these folks and they’re voters and they’re engaged in their community, they just don’t feel heard.”

Benell said the messaging about Gatto wasn’t negative, just that they had not seen him.

Benell is running on a multitude of issues that can be viewed on his website.