DES MOINES – Job Rides is a nonprofit that provides transportation to work sites for people in need. They are currently seeking public support to expand the program.

Job Rides has around 150 riders. Some are homeless, others are inmates on work release and there are even some refugees. The program gives participants a ride to work and keeps providing the service until they get back on their feet.

Bill Raine, the Founder of Job Rides, said that it takes the riders, the companies they work for, and the public to make the program possible.

“It’s a three-tier system if you will, it’s a hand up not a handout. We have folks that the rider pays a little bit in, the company we’re bringing them to pays a little bit in, and this year I’m really focused on the third tier the general public. Hopefully, they like what they see, like what they hear and they want to contribute to what we’re doing to help these folks out and also make society a little bit better place,” Raine said.

Raine said that in 2022, riders that were a part of Job Rides earned a combined $2.6 million in income.

To learn more about the Job Rides program and how to support it, visit their website.