CLIVE, Iowa — With the recent bitterly cold temperatures keeping many of us inside this winter, local elementary schools have been having to make the call on whether or not to send their students to recess.

At Shuler Elementary in Clive, they continue to tell parents to make sure they send their kids to school with appropriate winter gear as the district says they never quite know what temperature it will be around recess time. 

Most districts around the metro have temperature guidelines to help them easily make a decision whether to hold outdoor recess or not. 

For the Waukee district, requirements say when temperatures are below 5°, students will stay inside.

While winter jackets are required until temperatures reach over 50°, the Director of Communications, Amy Varcoe says that students will be given extra winter gear as they try to get them on the playground any chance they can. 

“There are a lot of studies that show how important recess is to kids to get outside, have fresh air outside, run around, um, exude some of that energy, their brains are working all day long. So we want to make sure that their bodies can get some energy out as well,” said Varcoe.