DES MOINES, Iowa — The second Ironman Triathlon in Des Moines brought a big financial boost to the metro, and a former Iowan finished in one of the top spots.

Matthew Hanson, a former resident of Storm Lake, finished first in the men’s division Sunday with a time of 7:56:48 hours. The winner of the women’s division was Skye Moench with a time of 8:51:44 hours.

Over the course of the past week, the triathlon brought in about $8 million in revenue according to Catch Des Moines. Restaurants, hotels, and businesses in the state saw a boost in revenue as thousands of people across the globe came to the metro.

CEO of Catch Des Moines, Greg Edwards, said it brought both money and opportunity.

“People come in from all over the country, sometimes all over the world. So this is a first impression for a lot of these people visiting Des Moines. They love the city, they love our food scene, they love our hotels. Just everything about it. So it’s very, very positive,” said Edwards.

Ironman Triathlon has extended its contract with Des Moines until 2025. For next year’s event, they plan on having a half Ironman.