JOHNSTON, Iowa — Americans will likely spend Memorial Day weekend paying tribute to veterans killed in the line of duty. An Iowa museum which focuses on this subject every day is planning a special ceremony for the holiday.

The Iowa Gold Star Military Museum is organizing a Memorial Day observance at its building in Camp Dodge Monday morning. The event will feature stories from surviving veterans, as well as educational activities aimed towards younger Iowans.

Museum leaders say it is a special responsibility to ensure the tales of the fallen are passed down to the next generation.

“Individuals come in and say ‘I lost my father or uncle during the war,’ some as recently as Afghanistan and Iraq,” said museum curator Michael Vogt. “There’s really nothing I can say to comfort them, but I let them know that their stories and other Iowans’ service and sacrifice is remembered here.”

The Gold Star Military Museum’s commemoration begins at 5 a.m. on Monday.