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DES MOINES – The Iowa Department of Transportation is planning to update the interstate 80/35 interchange at Hickman road in order to reduce and streamline traffic.

Allison Smyth, the Assistant District 1 Engineer for the Iowa Department of Transportation, said that the reason for the updates is due to a projected increase in traffic.

“Traffic is projected to increase by 35% by our design year which is 2042, 20 years out it’s going to have another 35% more traffic so I mean that’s definitely a factor that we look at too,” Smyth said.

The project will start in 2025 and is expected to finish by 2028 and will be completed in stages. It is expected to cost $84.6 million to complete.

Smyth said that the construction will add multiple lanes to both the interstate and Hickman Road and it will also use a diverging diamond design.

“I think people around the metro are used to seeing us attacking an area just like the urban loop a few years ago. I think they get it it’s going to be painful but it’s worth it in the end,” Smyth said.