DES MOINES, Iowa — With the hot weather expected early this week many public pools will reach capacity as people around the metro flock to them to cool off.

There are many splash pads and pools around the Des Moines metro but they will hit capacity quickly during a heatwave. Luckily there is a tracker for Des Moines public pools to see if they are at capacity.

“We created a pool online real-time tracking device so you can see how many people are at these pools at any one given time,” Ben Page the Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Des Moines said.

However, even though pools may hit capacity during heatwaves people tend to spend less time at them.

“The unique thing we see is the length of stay,” Page said. “You might go there for three or four hours when it’s not 95 or 100 degrees and then you’ll start to see that shorten up for an hour or two at a time because it’s just so darn hot out.”

To see how many people are at public pools in Des Moines visit their pool tracking website.