DES MOINES, Iowa — A Hoover High School foreign exchange student’s two-day fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees ended on a high note Saturday afternoon.

Kacper Malinowski’s fundraiser for Ukrainians who fled to his home country of Poland featured a concert by Hoover High’s orchestra and a poetry recital.

Malinowski tells WHO 13 the effort raised more than $1,200 for the United Nations Association of Poland. That amount includes the proceeds from a basketball tournament and exhibition Malinowski organized at Hoover Friday afternoon.

Malinowski said he was nervous about the fundraiser in the days before the event, but those nerves went away when he saw the support he received for his efforts.

“I am just happy, and I am relieved,” Malinowski said. “Of course, when you’re organizing something, you want people to come but you’re worried they won’t. I can see now that they came, and I am so happy about that.”