DES MOINES, Iowa — The MercyOne Des Moines Foundation is raising money for the William J. Semon Family Resource Fund on Giving Tuesday. They seek to raise $15,000 for the fund, which goes to support cancer patients.

“When someone is told ‘You have cancer,’ it changes their world instantly,” Richard Deming, medical director of the MercyOne Richard Deming Cancer Center said in a statement. “Not only do they need to worry about extensive medical testing and treatment, but they also have to deal with a number of unexpected financial expenses unrelated to their medical treatment, such as missing work, arranging for additional child care, and covering the cost of transportation.”

MercyOne has already reached $7,000 of its goal, and the founder of the William J. Semon Family Resource Fund is matching all Giving Tuesday donations.

Joan Bindel, the Vice President of Philanthropy at the MercyOne Des Moines Foundation, said that a large part of fundraising on Giving Tuesday comes from social media donations.

“Facebook seems to be the platform that people use the most. Every organization, community, nonprofit, likely will have a post tomorrow so people can pick their favorite organizations to support and what’s fun about it when you see something you’re passionate about you can share it out to your friends and usually on Facebook it will just direct you back to the nonprofit’s page where you can make an online donation,” Bindel said.

To learn more about the MercyOne Des Moines Foundation’s Giving Tuesday fundraiser visit this website.