DES MOINES – One year ago EveryStep’s cheer boxes and vans were burglarized. This year, however, they were able to break a record with the number of boxes they gave out.

After the theft last year EveryStep received an outpouring of support from the community.

Ashley Mori, EveryStep’s Grief and Loss Director, said that the support that came after the theft set EveryStep up for a good year this year.

“Having all those donations come in last year helped us not only fulfill more than what our waiting list as well but helped us get a really good head start on the cheer box that happened this year,” Mori said.

Last year EveryStep gave out 658 cheer boxes. This year they were able to top that with 775 boxes this year.

Mori said that gathering donations for the cheer boxes is a year-long process.

“The program takes us an entire year so we have opportunities throughout the entire year to help us prepare anything from when we start getting items in being able to take those to storage we cut like templates to go around the boxes and wrapping ahead of time people can come in and help with that,” Mori said, “but also just donating money to be able to help us purchase all those items to continue the program and keep getting those boxes out in such high numbers.”

To learn more about the cheer box program or get involved visit EveryStep’s website.