DES MOINES, Iowa — After 15 months as the Johnston Community School District’s Director of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Louis Fountain is returning to the Des Moines School District.

The Johnston school board approved Fountain’s hiring last year. He resigned last week, just as classes were starting for the year.

A group of moms who pushed for Fountain’s hiring say he didn’t get the administrative support he needed. Johnston parent Lya Williams says six of the seven members of the executive cabinet, who supported the equity position have also resigned over the past year.

“When you look at an entire cabinet that has left and we hear about the resignations on a school board agenda, why is there no investigation into that? Why are we not discovering what is the root cause of this,” Williams asked.

Fountain is now returning to the Des Moines School District, the district he left in order to take the job in Johnston.

In a statement released by Fountain, he expressed his hope that the leadership of the Johnston Community School District would continue making equity a priority in its strategic plan. He also addressed his future with the Des Moines School District, while seemingly taking a jab at the Johnston district.

“I’m looking forward to listening, learning, serving and providing leadership for students to be successful in my new position at Des Moines Public Schools. I believe Matt Smith will ensure my efforts are appreciated, and not just tolerated.”

Louis Fountain