DES MOINES, Iowa — Tuesday marks the first day of classes for some metro schools with others slated to follow Wednesday. For most schools across the metro, there are going to be more students than last year.

Johnston, Ankeny, Dallas Center-Grimes, and Waukee are all expecting to see an increase in enrollment, which means more funding for their districts.

Lynn Meadows, the Director of Communications and Board Secretary in the Johnston Community School District, said that there are a couple of reasons why enrollment is on the rise.

“There could be a couple of reasons why we’re seeing this increase and certainly first of all just having more families in the district,” Meadows said. “In addition to that there was a change in the open enrollment law July 1, and that meant that people no longer had to state a reason for open enrolling into the district and in addition to that there is no longer a deadline it used to be that families had to say by March if they were going to open enroll and that no longer is a requirement so due to those two factors we’re seeing about a 200 student increase potentially.”

Official numbers for enrollment aren’t released until October, the same time the budget for the next school year is allocated. This means that schools don’t receive the extra funding per new student until the year after they start attending their school which can stretch resources thin.

“School funding is based per pupil so having perhaps 200 more students would mean that the funding would accompany those students however we would need to have enough resources to accommodate those students,” Meadows said.

The first day of school for students in the Johnston Community School District is Wednesday August 24th.