DES MOINES, Iowa — Since November, the Des Moines Public Schools (DMPS) has been running commercials and putting up billboards advertising what it has to offer.

The district’s new ad campaign hopes to reach families throughout the Metro encouraging them to enroll their students in Des Moines Public Schools.

The district’s Communications Director, Phil Roeder, said the campaign is similar to how universities advertise to their prospective students. It highlights specialties the district offers including its aviation and arts programs as well as other courses providing practical job-training experience.

“We, as a school district, want to make sure that we’re more visible and letting people know what we have to offer, anything from a very vibrant pre-school program for our youngest students on up to high school programs that you can only find in Des Moines Public Schools in the State of Iowa,” he said. “So it’s just time to tell our story, to do a better job of letting the public know what we have to offer.”

Roeder added DMPS started the campaign to make people aware of what it had to offer as families are rethinking education coming out of the pandemic.

“Coming out of that period, it just feels like the right time to kind of start a new, start doing more to share our story and our offering, and hopefully in the months and years ahead begin to see continued growth here in the school district and really making sure that we are in the mix as families are considering where to live and which school district to trust their kids with,” he said.

Roeder said the campaign, which will run through June, is also aiming to reach prospective teachers who may be interested in teaching in Des Moines Public Schools.