DES MOINES, Iowa – As President Biden takes action to speed up the production of baby formula, local organizations are staying focused on how to help families right now.

Des Moines Area Religious Council, better known as DMARC, has 14 food pantries and three mobile units across the city they’ve been trying to keep stocked. 

While the Defense Production Act is welcome news, DMARC Food Pantry Network Director Rebecca Whitlow said we’ll have to wait to see its results.

“It will help you know maybe a month, two months from now,” Whitlow explains, “because there’s a lot of things that go into producing formula. There’s a lot of ingredients.”

Whitlow is in charge of buying formula from the store and distributing donations that come in. She says any family, regardless of income, can call DMARC and she will try to direct them to where the formula is. 

As Iowans wait for production and distribution to ramp up, Whitlow advises people to help out their neighbors.

“If you know somebody that’s using formula, ask them what brand or what kind of formula they need and try to help them out,” Whitlow said. “Check out those aisles in the grocery store. The stores are getting them in but not at the rate they need to.”

DMARC is always looking for donations of both formula and money so they can buy it if they do find it in stores. If you’d like to help, click here.