DES MOINES, Iowa – A Waukee man is charged with attempted murder for allegedly beating a woman so badly with a hammer that she’ll be permanently disfigured — and it’s not the first time he’s used a hammer to attack a woman.

It happened Tuesday afternoon at a home on East Dunham Avenue in Des Moines, according to Sgt. Paul Parizek with the Des Moines Police Department. The victim arrived at her home after work around 3:45 p.m. and found 40-year-old Brian Huckfeldt in her bedroom.

Police said the two knew each other and a criminal complaint filed in the case stated the victim told Huckfeldt not to come back to her property two days prior, following a separate incident.

The complaint said the victim and Huckfeldt argued and that’s when Huckfeldt began striking the victim in the head and legs with a hammer. He allegedly hit her with the hammer at least 10 times, causing lacerations, bruising, and swelling. The victim told police that during the assault Huckfeldt said, “The only reason I came here today is cuz[sic] im[sic] going to kill you.”

The criminal complaint said the attack caused permanent disfigurement of the victim.

Sgt. Parizek said while the victim was being transported to the hospital, medics spotted Huckfeldt near SW 5th and MLK Pkway. Officers found him at the HyVee on Court Avenue. Pepper spray was used to take Huckfeldt into custody because he was uncooperative and still armed with the hammer.

Huckfeldt is being held in the Polk County Jail on charges of attempted murder, willful injury, first-degree burglary, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is also facing a charge of violating a no-contact order in a separate case from 2022.

Online court records show Huckfeldt pled guilty in 2014 to a horrific attack that injured his then-girlfriend Mackenzie Luttrell in October of 2013. Luttrell told WHO 13 was asleep in the passenger seat of Huckfeldt’s truck when he attacked her, first with his fists, then with a claw hammer.

Luttrell suffered a concussion, some broken ribs, a fractured shoulder, and had 20-staples in her head.

Huckfeldt pled guilty to domestic abuse assault by use of display of a dangerous weapon, false imprisonment, and eluding in the case. He was sentenced to two years in prison on the domestic abuse charge, and one year each on the other charges. His sentence ran concurrently and court records show his sentence was discharged on February 1, 2015.