DES MOINES – The Des Moines Traffic Light Timing Project is entering its fifth and final phase and will finish up later this year. The project, which started in 2018, will adjust the timing of traffic lights all across the city in an effort to make traffic flow more efficiently.

“The idea is to make traffic as smooth as possible and flow in an efficient effective manner,” said John Davis, Des Moines’s City Traffic Engineer. “It may not necessarily mean you’ll get more green lights but you will hopefully not have as much delay at those traffic signals that you are stopping at.”

Some lights across the city haven’t had their time updated in more than 10 years. As traffic volume and city geography changes some intersections aren’t optimized to let traffic flow as smoothly as possible.

“The overall objective of the project is to retime the system of lights at each intersection so that they are more up to date to match current traffic flows,” Davis said.

The traffic light timing will even be adapted to certain times of the day. Green and red lights may last longer or shorter during rush hour.

Once completed the results of the project will be given to a consultant who will determine what intersections need to be updated. Changes should go into effect by the end of 2023.