DES MOINES, Iowa — The Des Moines Public School Board is meeting Tuesday and on the agenda is awarding contracts for improvements at multiple schools.

The improvements include redoing the roofing at Hoover High School and the superintendent is recommending a bid that came in at over $382,000. Another project to restore the exterior of Park Avenue Elementary has bids ranging from $541,000 to $806,000.

Bids to expand the culinary program at Central Campus will also be voted on. The superintendent has recommended accepting a bid of $1.3 million for the renovations.

Public hearings on half a dozen proposed upgrades, including doing HVAC upgrades at five different schools and replacing the windows at Monroe Elementary are also on the agenda.

The chairperson of the school board Teree Caldwell-Johnson and superintendent Dr. Ian Roberts will each give their report on how the school year is going.