DES MOINES, Iowa — Downtown Des Moines is preparing for a transformation in the next decade, and city planners hoped to hear from residents to make sure they get it right.

The Greater Des Moines Partnership displayed concepts and goals of its ‘Future Forward’ action plan in the downtown skywalk on Wednesday. The presentation showed off renderings of planned projects, such as a renovation of the skywalk system and a future district surrounding Principal Park.

“One thing we’ve heard loud and clear is people value downtown,” said Laura Kessel of RDG Planning and Design, the architectural firm which helped develop the master plan. “It’s incredible to imagine downtown ten years from now and how this can be a place that really welcomes everyone.”

The presentation was meant as an interactive exhibit for Des Moines residents. Passersby wrote their feedback on Post-it notes and placed them on the project display.

“I have a lot of groups of friends, and we’ve all come down here and contributed to these open house sessions,” said David Jennings, who works in downtown Des Moines and lives in the East Village.

Jennings said he has been vocal about the downtown master plan from the start, and is pleased with how it has developed.

“I went to the first open house in Capitol Square,” Jennings recalled. “Back then, the plans weren’t exactly what we wanted, but we provided that feedback. “Now, this is exactly where we want our city to go.”

Jennings recommended that a future water trail in the Des Moines River should become a priority for the city.

However the future ends up, Kessel is proud of how the vision has come into focus.

“We’ve had over seven thousand people give input into this plan,” Kessel said. “To see people see the ideas that were inspired by their feedback is really fulfilling.”