DES MOINES, Iowa — The final resting spot for many of Des Moines’ founding men and women is going to be easier to reach. The City of Des Moines is planning a major project rehabbing the roads at Woodland Cemetery.

Des Moines Parks and Recreation Director Ben Page said the historic preservation project will rehab the cemetery’s streets, which are crumbling. Crews will also fix some of the cemetery’s retaining walls.

He said the multi-million dollar project will take about three years to complete once construction starts.

Page added while nobody’s been buried at the historic cemetery in decades, it can still be a destination for Des Moines.

“Cemeteries become more uses than they used to be,” he said. “Because the fact that they take up so much of a city’s use in taxpayer funds to maintain, there’s always the demand of what else we can do in these facilities to make sure they aren’t simply just used for a cemetery purpose. There’s some great history here. There’s great education that can happen at our cemeteries, who founded our city, right. There’s also the ability to recreate here passively.”

Page said both brick and asphalt roads will be refurbished. Some asphalt roads were originally brick. The plan is to convert them back to their original form.