DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines Parks and Recreation has partnered with the nonprofit Friends of Des Moines Parks to install 282 emergency checkpoint signs around Des Moines’ trails.

Each sign has a unique number for people in an emergency to give dispatchers so they know exactly where to send help.

Jen Fletcher, with Des Moines Parks and Recreation, said that having the emergency signs will cut down on the time it takes for emergency services to reach people who need help.

“In any emergency, time is of the essence, and these E911 markers the exact location and help save time in any emergency,” Fletcher said.

So far 200 of the 282 signs have been installed. The city expects to finish installing the remaining signs soon.

“The perfect analogy is it’s like a mile marker you’d see on a highway but for the trail,” Fletcher said, “And I think as long as people can remember that in the event of an emergency then it makes everything even more safer.”

The project cost a total of $70,000 but the City of Des Moines only had to contribute $25,000. Friends of Des Moines Parks donated the other $45,000 to fund the project.