DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines International Airport is Iowa’s most popular place to catch a flight, and business is booming as the seasons change.

This week was extra busy at the airport with both spring break travelers and NCAA fanatics arriving in the city. DSM Airport spokesperson Kayla Kovarna estimates more than 5,000 travelers passed through the terminal every day of spring break so far.

The airport is currently constructing a new parking garage to keep up with increasing travel demand, but Kovarna said DSM is handling the spring rush well.

“It’s been fun and a little nerve-racking. We did open our overflow lot and we do have ample parking here for travelers,” Kovarna said. “We opened an overflow lot saved only for peak travel, typically just around spring break or the holidays.”

Some travelers in town for the NCAA tournament said the airport left a good first impression for them.

“It’s so exciting,” said Howard University graduate Alex Dixon, who flew to Des Moines from Las Vegas. “It’s so exciting for HBCU culture and it’s so exciting for Howard University. We cannot wait to have a great time here in Des Moines. Iowa has been very good and welcoming to us, and we’re happy to be a part of it.”