DES MOINES – The city of Des Moines is conducting a housing survey to find out the condition of every home in the city.

So far the city is about one-third of the way through surveying the 96,000 homes in Des Moines.

Surveyors assess the exterior of houses and look at things like roofs, windows, siding, foundations, and more. They then get a rating of 1-5.

Once the survey is complete the city will have the data they need to target housing improvement projects to help fix neighborhoods. There are also nonprofit businesses like Invest Des Moines that plan to use the data to plan their next development.

SuAnn Donovan, the Deputy Director of Neighborhood Services for the City of Des Moines, said that the city has big plans once the survey is finished.

“Invest Des Moines is looking where they’re going to put their next efforts and choose their next neighborhoods they will use that data to inform them of where they need to go,” Donovan said. “We will use it in our improving our neighborhoods program to see where we can pick up some houses where people may need our assistance.”

The data will be kept private so residents will not be able to look up each other’s condition ratings. However, the city does plan on releasing the scores for neighborhoods or heatmaps.

“We don’t intend for it to be address by address. We don’t want it to be this pointing fingers or gotcha thing,” Donovan said. “We’ll probably do some heatmaps where we will show some areas that have a concentration of ones or a concentration of fives just to get an overall view of the health of a neighborhood.”

The city expects the survey to be finished by the end of the year.