DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowans took a stroll through time while also envisioning one of Des Moines’ largest future developments.

The Des Moines Heritage Center led a history walk through the East Village on Thursday. The historic preservation-focused group pointed out significant architecture in the neighborhood, as well as important sites hiding in plain sight.

The tour also went through the Market District, an in-progress development south of the East Village which plans to restore the infrastructure from the East Village’s glory years.

The journey started at the historic train depot on East 4th Street that the Des Moines Heritage Trust restored and converted into an events space.

Heritage Trust Board Chair Tim Waddell led the tour. He believes its important for Des Moines residents to connect the dots between the past and the future.

“It’s great to be able to show what still exists here, Waddell said. “I think people are amazed of what they hear about the history and interesting buildings in the city of Des Moines.”