DES MOINES, Iowa — More than 5,000 Des Moines residents are unemployed, according to Iowa Workforce Development. If you’re on that list, the city wants you and your resumé — especially if you can swim.

The city sought out new employees during a job fair at the East Side Library Tuesday afternoon. Applicants included Drake University student Kenyon Proby.

“I just want to find a job where I can get experience as soon as possible,” Proby said.” I want to learn, grow, and have the time to be productive and create more stuff.”

While agencies such as the Des Moines Police Department and the Des Moines Public Library set up tables, the city’s parks and recreation department has an especially urgent need.

Des Moines hopes to avoid a repeat of last year’s lifeguard shortage which closed pools across the city. Des Moines Parks and Recreation hopes to hire 125 lifeguards before the summer and is pulling out all of the stops to find employees.

“We increased our wages by two dollars this year, so our wages are now $15 an hour for first year guards,” said Des Moines Aquatic Director Ian Knutsen. “We’re offering incentive bonuses so people can stick around for the rest of the season. We’re also providing free swimsuits, which is something we haven’t done in the past.”

Knutsen said the city has sought out lifeguards since December, including talking to students inside of Des Moines’ high schools.

Des Moines Parks and Recreation is also seeking summer camp counselors.

If you missed the job fair, you can apply for the jobs advertised by clicking on this link.