DES MOINES – The city of Des Moines is finishing its initiative to modernize public parking. This month it is completing the installation of the newly updated parking meters in the East Village.

The new parking meters allow people to pay for parking on their phones using the ParkDSM app. People are still able to pay the old-fashioned way using quarters at the kiosks set up near the meters.

Steve Naber, an Engineer with the City of Des Moines, said that the parking app makes it easier to not overpay for parking.

“I use the ParkDSM app and I park for the minimum amount of time that I can and then I just extend it as needed. If my lunch takes a little longer, my appointment takes a little longer, I shop a little more, I just hit the extend button so it’s really nice and convenient to use,” Naber said.

The new parking system uses one kiosk and signs with parking space numbers for people to pay for parking. On the signs, things like the hours of parking and the maximum length of time are listed as well as a QR code that people can scan to download the ParkDSM app.

Naber said that the new parking system will really shine when big events bring more people to Des Moines like the state wrestling tournament.

“I’m proud that we have such a vibrant downtown with areas with wonderful restaurants and great places to shop and lots of fun places to visit so it’s very important to have a system that provides a lot of options and makes it easier to park,” Naber said.

Naber also said that in the future the ParkDSM app may be compatible with the city’s parking garages.

“If folks want to park longer term we also have seven parking garages as well and, full disclosure, we’re actually working with to get the app utilized with those garages in the future as well,” Naber said.

To learn more about the new parking meters visit the city of Des Moines’ website.