DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines voters will decide who they want to lead their city this November. City Council member Josh Mandelbaum believes he is the right choice and announced he will run for mayor.

Mandelbaum posted a video announcing his candidacy Wednesday. Mandelbaum has represented Ward 3 on Des Moines City Council, which includes downtown Des Moines, since 2018.

He aims to replace Frank Cownie, who has served as Des Moines mayor since 2003. It is unclear if Cownie is running for another term, and Cownie did not respond to a request for comment.

Mandelbaum told WHO 13 his priorities include growing Des Moines’ population, transforming surface parking lots downtown into developments, and improving public transportation across the city.

He said his goal is to move Des Moines out of the present and into the future.

“I’ve got six and eight year old kids, and their future is incredibly important to me, and I serve on the council and think about the future of our community,” Mandelbaum said. “One of the things that we need is a mayor who is going to lay out a bold vision, who’s going to work on innovative solutions, and who is going to lead.”

Mandelbaum is the second person to announce a run for Des Moines mayor. Denver Foote, a community organizer with Des Moines Peoples Town Hall, announced their candidacy earlier in the week.