DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines City Council members are reviewing the city’s franchise agreement with MidAmerican Energy. The current contract is up next month.

Monday night, the council passed its first consideration to extend the contract for 13 years. The discussion drew quite a crowd. Some Des Moines residents think that the contract is too long to due environmental concerns.

But the city says there is an economic aspect to consider.

“The city currently collects a five-percent franchise fee for both gas and electric use. That amounts a $12 million annual budget amount for our general fund, which is available for city operations. So, I can tell you it’s incredibly crucial we do not put at risk the $12 million we receive in those franchise fees,” said Scott Sanders, Des Moines City Manager.

The council will discuss the topic at its meeting next week. It will need to finalize the agreement by early June before the current contract expires.