DES MOINES, Iowa — The Des Moines City Council has approved spending nearly $2 million to build two solar panel fields.

The fields will run from Harriet Street to Maury Street across from the Pete Crivaro Park splash pool on the southeast side of town. The panels will provide power to the Animal Control facility on Harriet Street and the greenhouse facility on Maury Street.

At Monday’s city council meeting, city officials said this setup will be different than others we’ve seen before.

“Ah, what we’ve got is an opportunity to put solar fields actually out onto the ground to cover a little more space as opposed to traditionally up on top of buildings. There will be two fields set up one will be to supply enough energy for the new greenhouse being constructed and then the second will be for the animal control and services building that’s also under construction,” said Des Moines City Manager Scott Sanders.

Van Maanan Electric was awarded the contract. It was approved unanimously.