DES MOINES, Iowa — There are two major outdoor concert venues that opened in the past few years which are allowing for a plentiful summer lineup for outdoor concerts and events this summer.

Water Works Park’s Lauridsen Amphitheater opened in 2019 and Riverview Park’s Prairie Meadows Riviera Amphitheater opened last summer.

Both of these venues can hold thousands of fans allowing bigger acts to visit and tour in Des Moines. They also have full lineups planned for this upcoming summer concert season.

Sam Carrell, Water Works Park’s Executive Director, said that Water Works is well connected to the city through trails which helps make it a great destination for concerts and events.

“You think of ICON and the water trails initiative, and we fit very nicely in with that as well. So it’s a really neat project and great thing for the community and like I said it’s designed for that day to day use which is where it gets used the most but its that flexibility it gives our community to bring in bigger acts that Simon Estes wouldn’t be able to hold, to have another outdoor venue,” Carrell said.

Water Works Parks will kick things off this weekend with a benefit concert for Ukraine featuring local Des Moines artists. The best way to learn more about the concerts and events they have planned is on their Facebook page.

Riverview Parks will hold its Rendezvous at Riverview summer concert series again this summer and more information can be found on their website.