DES MOINES, Iowa – The Des Moines City Council will make its second vote Monday night on a request from Git N Go to expand one of its parking lots.

The convenience store is located at 810 East Euclid. The company wants to tear down a home next door and expand the store’s lot. But the property needs to be rezoned in order for Git N Go to do so.

The house is already on the list of blighted homes and is set to be torn down. Git N Go said it is willing to buy the property and pay for demolition and maintenance.

The issue first went before the council last month, but city council member Linda Westergaard wanted neighbors to have a chance to voice their concerns about issues they have with the gas station.

Westergaard said she’s heard from many people about loud music and multiple calls to the police.

A Git N Go representative says it does what it can to keep issues at a minimum.

“We’ve done quite a bit to try to prevent any kind of congregation of people around the store. we put up a 6.5-foot security fence to restrain people from going around the back of the properties, and doing what we can in an effort to keep the neighborhood beautiful,” said Thomas Morford with Git N Go.

“One of the issues is in the summertime, the…whoever is at the store, there is some partying going on, there’s loud…the neighbors tell me it’s so loud that their windows rattle from the high music that is being played. Can’t you be, can you please try to be a good neighbor and have some conservations about what we can do…to make the relationship with the neighborhood and the Git N Go better?” asked Westergaard.

The rezoning request was approved in its first vote. The city council must approve it two more times before it is finalized.

The second vote is being held at Monday’s meeting, which begins at 5:00 p.m. You can watch the meeting live on the City of Des Moines’ YouTube page.