DES MOINES – Clippernomics Academy of Hairstyling opened Monday. It is one of only two barber colleges in Iowa and the only one in Des Moines.

The founder, Marc “Tony Mac” Nalls, hopes to pass on his barber skills while providing a good career for youth with rough backgrounds.

“I identify with some of the youth out here. I had a bit of a troublesome background myself,” Nalls said. “There comes a point in time where you have to man up and take responsibility. So if I can offer an opportunity for a guy to come over here and change his life I’m here for him.”

This isn’t Nalls’ first time teaching. He used to partner with Roosevelt High School for a Barber Shop Vocational Program. Now, he is excited to pass on his skills to the next generation of barbers.

“I’m just paying it forward man I’m like one of the old guys in the trade here in the city man and there’s a lot of young guys out here that need some leadership and some guidance,” Nalls said.

The cost of tuition at Clippernomics is lower than in other barber college programs. Nalls said this is so more people can get into barbering with fewer barriers. They also hold night classes.

To learn more about Clippernomics Academy of Hairstyling, visit their website.