MITCHELLVILLE, Iowa – Crews put out a fire at Metro Park East Landfill Tuesday night. Officials still aren’t sure what caused the fire, but say it’s not uncommon for it to happen with the windy conditions.

“Somehow the face of the landfill started on fire in the garbage part and burnt their tarps up,” Craig Thompson, chief of the Camp Township-Runnells Fire Department, said. “Thank God they work with us. We had mutual aid from Pleasant Hill and Mitchellville and they came in and helped us out because you get out there and the wind’s blowing and you can’t hardly fight it.”

Metro Waste Authority had its own crew working to put out the fire, and they had help from three other departments.

Thompson said they used dirt on site and trucked in water to smother the flames, which can be challenging.

“It’s like fighting a huge flat building or something but no water,” Thompson explained. “So it’s spread out for quite a bit and they do cover most of their face. And their face is what they dump on the next morning when the trucks come in with the garbage.”

Metro Waste Authority didn’t want to go on camera to talk about any of the outcomes of Tuesday night’s fire.