DES MOINES, Iowa — One of the Blank Park Zoo’s giraffes is saying goodbye to Des Moines soon.

The zoo announced Wednesday that Raza, who was born at the zoo almost two years ago, will be moving to an accredited zoo near the west coast of the country. The plan to move Raza was proposed by the Giraffe Species Survival Plan.

Zoo officials said there are multiple reasons why now is the right time to move Raza.

“First, in natural areas, a male giraffe typically leaves his mother at about this age. Second, it’s far less stressful on everyone to move a giraffe before it’s fully grown. Finally, fall or spring are the best seasons to move an animal based on weather and temperature conditions,” said Jay Tetzloff, chief animal officer.

October 25th is the final day guests at the zoo will be able to see Raza before his big move.