DES MOINES, Iowa– The Animal Rescue League of Iowa continues to nurse its most recent rescues back to health. 

Some of the dogs we got an update on are a Great Dane that was found starving in a wire crate and the most recent puppy mill rescue near Hedrick.  

Since being brought to the ARL, all of the malnourished dogs have gained weight and been moved to either a foster family or to the ARL’s main location. 

Staff says that the Great Dane who they are calling “Clyde” is up 20 pounds and is living and training with his foster family. 

He is not quite ready to be adopted, but some dogs from the Keokuk County bunch are getting close.

“We just transferred the last batch from our location down here where we have a lot of the dogs up to our main location. And a lot of those are very close to being adopted out. There were quite a few puppies, so those puppies are still out in foster homes. As soon as they’re ready, they’ll be placed on the website and up for adoption,” said Joe Stafford with the ARL.