ANKENY, Iowa — An Ankeny man is redefining what it means to be a good neighbor.

Keith Westbrook gives out candy, dog treats, and a friendly wave to everyone that passes by his house in the 700 block of NW Abbie Drive. His wife also draws cartoon characters that sit outside for children to see going to and from school.

Neighbors say their dogs have become so accustomed to the friendly treat waiting for them in the driveway that they actually drag their owners there on their daily walks.

For Keith, it’s all part of being a good neighbor.

“For six or seven years I’ve been doing what I call ‘meet and greet.’ Just coming out and meeting people, and my wave and hopefully my smile is catching on to everybody,” says Westbrook.

Keith says he is blessed to be known around the community as “The Wave Man.”

“I try to smile and wave and the fact that everybody, most everybody, will drive by and wave and then have a smile on their face and wave back. That’s really, you know, that makes my day. You know, there’s so many children that drive by or ride their bikes and a lot of them will stop and visit and that’s just, it’s just a blessing for me,” says Westbrook.

Keith has been retired for a few years, which allows him the opportunity to keep his friendly outreach going. When he and his wife travel, however, he’s always sure to leave a container of dog treats for the pups passing by.