DES MOINES – The Polk County Housing Fund has been awarding grants to help developers and advocacy groups build more affordable housing.

The Polk County Board of Supervisors appropriated $15 million in funds from the American Rescue Act, $12 million of which it gave to the trust fund.

So far the trust fund has given grants to projects all around the county like an affordable senior living center in Johnston and apartments in the Ingersoll neighborhood.

The latest grant it gave out was $3.86 million to Spire Property Management to buy and improve 33 homes in Des Moines and set them aside as affordable housing. The 33 homes will be available for rent to families that earn 40% or less of the median income in their area.

Matt Hauge, the Director of Communications and Community Outreach at the Polk County Housing Trust Fund, said that affordable homes with many bedrooms are hard to come by.

“The constant feedback we get from folks on the front lines helping people find housing is that good, affordable product is hard to find with the number of bedrooms families need. So it’s these larger houses that are really going to help,” Hauge said.

To learn more about the Polk County Housing Trust Fund visit its website.