DES MOINES, Iowa — With the Iowa State Fair over, most of us are back to work and the kids are back in school. But, a family from Johnston is ready to hit the road after winning a contest to tour the best state fairs in the Midwest.

“I literally saw this contest pop up a week ago after a friend on TikTok told me about it and I knew we could make a cool video to enter the contest,” Madelyn Webb said.

After hundreds of submissions from all over the United States, the Houser-Webb family is the first ever State Fair Family, as coined by AmericInn Hotels, the company behind the promotion. Their mission is to spend seven days visiting three state fairs: Minnesota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

“We’ve already been looking at all the different food options, so we’re already looking at what to do when we get to the fair,” Webb said. “The Minnesota State Fair, I’ve heard, is the one that rivals the Iowa State Fair. So, we’re really excited to see if it’s true so we’re going to compare them and just see.”

The group plans to leave next Tuesday with a $10,000 travel stipend, all hotel stays covered, and $5,000 in cash to spend. More importantly, it’s all about something you can’t put a price on, Webb said.

“It’s getting to spend time with my family, that’s the biggest thing. My husband is a car salesman so he’s very busy. My son plays pretty much every sport so he’s busy. I work full time and my toddler goes to daycare so it’s a really great opportunity to spend six and a half days uninterrupted with my husband and my kids,” Webb said.

You can follow along on their journey via Instagram @/TheHouserWebbFamFour and on TikTok @/Cant.stop.wont.stop