Metro District Inspires Students to Live Healthy Lifestyle

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WAUKEE, Iowa – The Waukee Community School District is teaching students about the balance between exercising and a healthy lifestyle.

A recent obesity report ranks Iowa as the fourth most obese in the nation.

Physical education teachers in the district start the students at an early age understanding the steps of a workout, which include: warm up, activity, and cool down.

Shuler Elementary Physical Education Teacher Micah Moore said at the elementary level students participate in fitness testing to teach the kids about goals.

“Now is the time and especially with winter and a lot of the sports are slowing down they don’t get to be outside. Their numbers may be down a little bit and we talk about what could you do since you can’t get outside. What could you do on your own at home and improve your scores and keep you healthy,” Moore said.

Moore said that every class comes to P.E. twice a week for an hour class. However, it is recommended that children get one hour of physical activity in each day.

Maple Grove Physical Education Teacher Joe Burch said it is important to keep up with an hour activity each day outside of school.

“It’s all about finding something that a kid enjoys. Kids don’t always love the same thing, so just exploring different things. That’s what we do in physical education. We try to get as many different activities in front of the kids as we can,” Burch said.

Burch said he teaches students about healthy eating habits through the United States Department of Agriculture “My Plate.”

The USDA breaks down different food groups and how much someone should consume in every meal. It lists different vegetables, fruits, grains, protein and dairy suggestions throughout the day.


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