DES MOINES, Iowa — Lanon Baccam has entered his name into the race for the Third District Congressional Seat covering southwestern Iowa. He is a native of Mt. Pleasant and served in the National Guard, and has worked in the USDA.

“This is an incredible opportunity here for Iowa, to have a representative that understands them because I am from Iowa, born and raised in Mount Pleasant, a small town.”

Baccam cites his resume of service as a reason which qualifies him to lead.

“I’m a combat veteran, an incredible honor to serve the people of the country. Specially, at USDA department they deliver so much for so many people, and in particular in my time working for that department, I had a chance to work on programs , as well as America’s veterans which is the best part of my job.”

Baccam cites his military experience, where most of his soldiers he served with were conservative, and he was on the progressive side. He said he was used to being teased, but when it came to serious missions, they always had each other’s backs.

Do you want to make sure that people who want to buy home jobs to be able to do that,and once they have a lifetime of working retire,” said Baccam “The big difference between me and Zach Nunn, I will protect a woman’s right to choose her on reproductive health.”

“We have had the pleasure of knowing and working alongside Lanon for almost two decades, and we know that he is a deeply proud Iowan who will be a thoughtful, committed Congressman for the third district,” said Former Governor Tom Vilsack and former First Lady, Christie Vilsack, in a statement.

“Lanon, a career Democrat political operative for Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton who will no doubt be a rubber stamp on their radical agenda he helped write,” said Kendyl Parker, Nunn Campaign Manager, in a statement.

Baccam said he plans to begin campaigning, right away.