Meet ‘The Majestics’ – Urbandale’s celebrity webcam couple


URBANDALE, Iowa – They live in a cottonwood about 80 feet above the ground and they are one of Urbandale’s best kept secrets. They are a nesting pair of bald eagles, dubbed ‘The Majestics’ by Stephanie and Scott Denton.

The Dentons are homebuilders and bought some land they later learned was the home of these eagles. They admire eagles and thought others would enjoy watching them and started down the road of streaming a webcam trained on the nest.

After one season and a successful hatching and fledging the eagles, like many people, moved to a new home. So Scott was up on a lift moving equipment with them to keep the stream going.

Now in their third streaming season the Dentons are in it for the long haul. Their YouTube channel features eaglets DH6 and DH7 and a chat room that was a pleasant surprise to the Dentons. Frequented by a small band of chatters who are knowledgeable about all things eagle, the Dentons find the community, like a coffee house, a welcome addition to the Majestics and their young.

Mom is the larger of the adults eagles and has a couple dark feathers in her otherwise white tail. She also has some darkness around her eyes similar to mascara running. Dad has a brighter white head.

While working on the video I met several people who knew of the nest but didn’t know about the webcam. I promised to not give away the exact location of the nest and I won’t. I will say you will get fewer ticks watching the stream than you will get watching the nest from the base of the tree. And, while looking at the chat I learned the little ones will likely be in the nest for until mid to late June.

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