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DES MOINES, IOWA — Hundreds of thousands of people in Iowa are struggling to feed themselves and their families.  The Food Bank of Iowa is getting food to a lot of them with the help of volunteers.

“We can’t do what we do without volunteers,” says President and CEO Michelle Book. “Packages have to be checked, expiration dates need to be checked, boxes and backpacks have to be assembled, it’s a lot of work.”

The school backpacks are filled with individually packaged, kid-friendly items and go to more than four thousand students in Iowa who are chronically hungry. When they go home on Friday there may be nothing there to eat all weekend.

“I had no idea,” says Patrick – a volunteer with Two Rivers Marketing.  “It really gets you. I have two kids myself and we’re fortunate that we don’t have that concern.  As I’m filling up these bags I’m thinking – that’s a kid who gets to eat this weekend.”