MedPharm Introduces First Inhalable Products to Iowa Cannabis Market

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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  MedPharm Iowa is introducing a new type of product to the medical cannabis market in the state.

On Thursday they revealed a new vape pen that patients can use to deliver doses of THCA.  It works like a standard vape device, heating the cannabis product into a vapor that is inhaled.  MedPharm says it delivers the same benefits as ingested products, but say the vape pen is more convenient and will reach new patients.

“It’s making sure that we serve a population of patients that is not served now. People with ulcerative colitis, people with Crohns, people with stomach cancers,” says MedPharm Iowa general manager Lucas Nelson, “Oral absorption does not work for them, they can take as many capsules as you can possibly give them, no benefit, no effect, at all.”

Nelson says the vape products will also lower costs for patients.


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