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DES MOINES, Iowa — People who want to reform Iowa’s medical cannabis program met at the Statehouse Monday morning to discuss overturning Gov. Kim Reynold’s veto of the medical marijuana expansion bill.

The Governor vetoed legislation that would have increased the potency of available products and expand the list of people eligible to use medical marijuana.

Supporters of the bill believe it’s a better alternative to chronic pain than opioids.

Iowa Rep. John Forbes said several studies support those views and he believes the board in charge of medical marijuana regulation is out of touch.

“It’s good to have a board. But unfortunately, the board we have in place right now is not really tuned into what patients here in Iowa want. When you have over 80% of Iowans in favor of medical cannabis to be used to treat medical conditions and you have a board that’s kind of stonewalling the progress of the program here in the state of Iowa,” said Forbes.

Forbes hopes a proposal to expand the use of medical marijuana can be put together by the next legislative session.