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What is it about the sound?

And there’s that look…

Each summer, the Mecum Auction provides us with treats for our every sense—especially nostalgia.

Buyers spend much of their time drooling over chrome and paint, but like any auction, sellers get theirs’, too.

David Williams brought eight vehicles from his shop in St. Louis.

“Sometimes this is your best retail. There are a lot of retail buyers that come to these auctions.”

 He says there is ONE thing that sells a car.

“The look. Rarity. Options. Color. Wheels…”

Alright, maybe five things, but it’s okay, there are over 500 cars here. Mecum is the largest auto auction house in the country, but say they’ll never outgrow Des Moines. It fits.

“A lot of farmers like enthusiast cars,” says Mecum’s David Newhart. “They love muscle cars, they love automobiles that they had lusted over when they were kids.”

In 25 years at Mecum, Newhart still gets distracted by what he sees at work…

“Whew! A 1969 Shelby GT350!”

This one could bring close to six figures. 

There are also those looking to exchange one toy for another.  This one isn’t doing it for the Sweeney’s anymore.

“It’s a 2-seater and there’s three of us,” says Mari Sweeney of her Shelby AC Cobra replica.

They’ll sell it and look for something else, and somewhere in here, among the acres of oldies, there’ll be a new thrill to drive home.